Self-serviceLet customers help themselves
Customers love great self-service. With Mavenoid, you can automate any support flow for any product, from simple FAQs to advanced troubleshooting.
Self-service used to be limited to basic tasks. Mavenoid lets you automate the single biggest time thief for support teams: repetitive troubleshooting. It’s where automation really pays off.
Where support teams spend their timeBased on Mavenoid's analysis of 8,000+ support tickets in 12 different product categories
Put any support flow on autopilot
The product assistant helps with FAQs, guides, troubleshooting, spare parts and much more. Your self-service offering becomes better with every flow you automate.
Automation that really works
Mavenoid diagnoses and solves tough problems that chatbots and help centers can’t handle. Guides, images and video make your instructions truly useful.
Easy setup, fast results
We’ve made it easy to organize know-how scattered across manuals, tickets, websites, FAQs, and the minds of your workforce. Get Mavenoid on your website within a matter of minutes with ready-made templates.
AI-driven features, built for humans
Natural language understanding
Speak instead of type. Customers can use their own words and even their own language. No system training needed.

Teachable AI

Customer metrics

Deep product insights
Plug and play with your existing workflowYou probably already use helpdesk software to organize support tickets. Great! Mavenoid integrates with the majority of systems and automatically creates transcripts of solved cases.
your customers
need support
they contact you
through any channel
the Product assistant
solves their problems
mavenoid creates a ticket
in your helpdesk software
Girish AgarwalDirector AI LabHusqvarna Group
Mavenoid gives us the ability to scale automated support to all our markets.Explore the customer story

Experience support that really works

Unlike generic support tools that focus on deflection, Mavenoid is all about solutions.

Schedule a demo and experience how Mavenoid meets customers with the right level of support to take them seamlessly from request to solution.
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Agent-assisted video supportHelp your customers solve complex and unique problems without the need for physical visits or expensive product returns.Learn more