The world's #1 product support platform

For technical support, generic solutions just don’t cut it. Mavenoid is purpose-built for supporting users of physical products, machines, devices and gadgets.

Born to solve real problems

Solve tough problems that chatbots and help centers can’t handle

Self-service no longer has to stop at simple tasks like answering FAQs or linking to articles. Mavenoid lets you automate what previously only humans could handle, like troubleshooting and warranties.

Give every request the right level of service

Customers expect both speed and personalized service at the same time. Mavenoid helps you find balance between self-service and human support by screening incoming requests and making sure they’re met with the most efficient mode of service.

Self-service and live support in one

A seamless customer experience

Problem definition, self-service and live video support are now smoothly connected. Customers get one access point for all requests, and never have to repeat themselves.

Smart feedback loops

Machine learning works across the platform. When tickets are solved, either by humans or bot, new data is fed back into the system. It keeps content up to date, makes troubleshooting more accurate and improves canned responses.

Unique product insights

Track your performance

Mavenoid gives you access to detailed analytics to help you improve both resolution rate and customer satisfaction.

Support your R&D

With more data from more customer interactions, you’ll be able to uncover root causes and act quicker on production errors or failed updates. Pinpoint where customers get stuck to identify gaps in your documentation.
Jan AckalinHead of AutomationAlfa Laval
“I predict that Mavenoid becomes our infrastructure for solving technical problems.”

Choose just the tools you need

Not all companies need the same thing, and your needs may change over time. That’s why we’re building Mavenoid like a toolbox. Both self-service and live support work great as stand-alone tools. Start with one—it’s easy to expand as you need.Request a demo
AI-guided self-serviceTroubleshoot tough problems, give expert advice, and answer time-consuming questions—without the need for your human team to step in.Learn more
Agent-assisted video supportHelp your customers solve complex and unique problems without the need for physical visits or expensive product returns.Learn more