Husqvarna + Mavenoid

Instant, personalized support to customers in nine markets and four languages

50+ products

in 6 categories

4 languages


8 weeks

launch time


Instant and personalized support, available to all Husqvarna customers

Husqvarna Division (Part of Husqvarna Group) sells outdoor power equipment to customers all over the world.

They were looking for an innovative way to use their own digital channels to provide instant and useful support to more customers. Aiming for a personal experience, the content needed to be adapted to each region, and presented in local languages.

“Mavenoid gives us the ability to scale automated support to all our markets, without losing the local and personal touch Husqvarna is known for.”


Girish Agarwal
Director AI Lab, Husqvarna Group


Self-service that speaks four languages

To understand the needs of Husqvarna’s customers, Mavenoid’s AI was used to analyse a big set of support data. Its ability to learn from previous interactions is key to diagnosing and solving problems fast.

Mavenoid’s product assistant is now seamlessly integrated with Husqvarna’s online support. Multi-language support made it possible to quickly launch the product assistant on Husqvarna’s many regional websites.

Husqvarna’s customers can get instant support whenever they need it, in their language of choice.

Key features implemented

Customized UI
Mavenoid adopts your brand’s colors, typeface and images for a seamless experience.

Multi-language support
Instructions in each customer’s preferred language.

Regional content adaptation
Display product ranges and features based on your customers’ locations.

Natural language processing
Type or speak — Mavenoid detects and understands your language.

Customised Intuitive UI
Multi-language support
Regional content adaptation
Natural language processing

Experience support that really works

Unlike generic support tools that focus on deflection, Mavenoid is all about solutions.

Schedule a demo and experience how Mavenoid meets customers with the right level of support to take them seamlessly from request to solution.
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