Positec + Mavenoid

Positec reduced live chat volume by 60% across 100+ products

6 week

implementation for over
20 self-service products


self-service resolution rate


decrease in chats using Mavenoid


Resolving customer requests without increasing support costs

Positec is one of the world’s leading home and garden tool manufacturers. Their team knows that great products demand excellent customer service, and that’s exactly what Positec was determined to do. They were looking for a solution to provide 24/7 support for a wide range of hardware products with customers in 100+ countries and regions.

Positec was committed to providing best-in-class support around the clock to ascertain brand recognition and loyalty. To do so, the company wanted to automate its product support and provide self-service solutions for users to resolve issues on their own, saving time and money while ensuring customers receive help even after hours.

To provide this excellent hardware support that their customers demanded, Positec needed to implement a tool that would give their users answers fast on the channels that they used most – from phone service to online interactions.

“Mavenoid’s technology leaps over its competitors in this space and provides a greater customer experience with a sleek and sophisticated interface for both the consumer and our organization.”


Omar Ahmad
Sr. Director, Operational Excellence


Providing 24/7 support for real-time self-service resolutions

Positec rolled out Mavenoid within six weeks and, within that time, implemented self-service for over 20 products. With a speedy start, Positec started to see quantifiable results in less than two weeks. They now have over a hundred products supported by Mavenoid, and are on pace to have 400+ in the near future.

Mavenoid was able to reduce the pressure on the customer service center and provide 24/7 support for their customers whenever and wherever they needed it. By automating support and providing self-service to their customers, Positec reduced the number of support chats by 60%, as well as considerably decreased phone calls, opening up time for agents to focus only on complex troubleshooting rather than mundane, repetitive tasks.

Today, more than 30% of Positec customers can resolve their hardware troubleshooting issues without contacting support, and the savings Mavenoid generates for the brand can be reallocated to further improve customer experience.

Key features implemented

Visual flow builder
Easy to set up and use for self-service product support flows of any complexity, allowing to deploy the product assistant on the customer website within a matter of minutes.

Re-usable content modules
Content modules that can be added and instantly updated across different product versions and support flows, allowing to quickly scale self-service support across hundreds of product categories.

Live agent support
Resolve complex issues remotely via chat or video with on-screen markup functionality.

Natural language understanding
Advanced semantic search allows customers to explain problems in their own words. The system interprets their intent and guides them to the right content.

Visual flow builder
content modules
Live agent support
Natural language understanding

Experience support that really works

Unlike generic support tools that focus on deflection, Mavenoid is all about solutions.

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