Lindab + Mavenoid

Lindab implemented Mavenoid in 6 weeks to swiftly scale their support


self-service resolution rate

6 weeks

rollout time


Consolidate and streamline support channels

Lindab is a Sweden-based company that develops, manufactures, and distributes products and system solutions for construction and indoor climate.

When developing and launching their new add-ons for their UltraLink product line, such as wireless sensors, Lindab needed a support solution that would scale efficiently and quickly. Even more importantly they needed a tool that would help consolidate their data and streamline the channels on which their customers were asking for help.

“Clear and quick communication. Smooth and quick regarding implementation.”


Nicklas Friberg
Head of Lindab Innovation Hub


Implementing a support solution that can scale

Since the launch, Mavenoid has proven to be an adaptable and flexible solution that can grow side by side with Lindab’s product offering. In just six weeks, Lindab was able to revise their end-to-end support process and establish a clear understanding within their organization on how to interact with their customers and users in a more user-friendly way. Specifically, by using Mavenoid’s Product Assistant they are able to save not just time and cost but also frustrations for both users and their internal support team.

Key features implemented

AI-guided self-service troubleshooting
Mavenoid helps customers narrow down possible solutions fast with simple diagnostic questions.

Deep product analysis
Historic support data is used to identify common problems and areas best suited for automation.

Resource library
All your knowledge at your technicians’ fingertips. Use shortcuts to share resources instantly with customers.

Teachable AI
The system learns from every interaction, and continues to improve on its own.

Self-service troubleshooting
Deep product analysis
Resource library
Teachable AI

Experience support that really works

Unlike generic support tools that focus on deflection, Mavenoid is all about solutions.

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