Bicelo + Mavenoid

Bicelo implemented Mavenoid in 26 days to automate and scale their customer support


self-service resolution


support automation

3 weeks

rollout time


A powerful alternative to a human support team

Bicelo is an e-bike rental service for hotel guests. As an early-stage startup without dedicated support agents, Bicelo needed a support solution that would give their customers the self-service tools to resolve their issues on their own.

Additionally, it was very important for Bicelo to have a support solution that will help them learn what their customers like, dislike, and are looking for in their service. They then could take the learnings and adjust accordingly.

“We're still very early stage so don't have any dedicated support agents, however, without Mavenoid we might have needed that.”


Anders Dahlberg
Co-founder & Head of Product


A one-stop-shop 
support solution

Bicelo partnered with Mavenoid to build their support solution from the ground up. Mavenoid was implemented in less than three weeks and instantly saved Bicelo and their customers a significant amount of time and effort.

Mavenoid’s product assistant is capable of both guiding users to self-solve technical problems, as well as keeping analytics of what their customers are needing help with. With Mavenoid, Bicelo has been able to automate over 80% of their customers' support requests.

Key features implemented

AI-guided self-service troubleshooting
Mavenoid helps customers narrow down possible solutions fast with simple diagnostic questions.

Deep product analysis
Historic support data is used to identify common problems and areas best suited for automation.

CRM integration
Mavenoid leverages existing support center content and automatically creates tickets.

Smart escalation
Requests that need a human touch are automatically routed to the right person, along with the case history.

Self-service troubleshooting
Deep product analysis
CRM integration
content modules

Experience support that really works

Unlike generic support tools that focus on deflection, Mavenoid is all about solutions.

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