Mavenoid’s Accelerator Program

Mavenoid's Accelerator program provides startups & scaleups the opportunity to leverage AI from day one with exclusive platform benefits:

  • Up to 75% off on your first year in the annual Accelerator program
  • Expert support during onboarding & setup
  • Automated self-service powered by Mavenoid’s AI
  • Live support tools including video, text, and audio chat
  • Analytics that reflect improved CSAT and happiness scores
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"We're still very early stage so don't have any dedicated support agents, however, without Mavenoid, we might have needed that."


Anders Dahlberg
Co-Founder & Head of Product

How the one-year Mavenoid Accelerator program works
Product image of Step 1: You apply & we connect
Step 1: You apply & we connect

Apply via the Mavenoid assistant on this page. A member of our team will then reach out via email to better understand your specific needs.

Product image of Step 2: We build
Step 2: We build

We create you a self-service assistant based on your product information, as well as access to Mavenoid Live Support and any CRM integrations.

Product image of Step 3: We walkthrough
Step 3: We walkthrough

We jump on a quick call to test out your virtual assistant, discuss improvements and talk next steps to go live for your product.

Scale efficiently from day one

Automate your most repetitive FAQs, troubleshooting and warranty requests with Mavenoid to keep your contact center lean and save costs. A self-service virtual assistant solves repetitive requests before they reach your human support team. Agents will deal only with the tickets that really require their expertise, through Mavenoid Live Support.


Scale your product support with Mavenoid's Accelerator Program