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Experience how Mavenoid is the perfect support platform to help your customers onboard, use, and troubleshoot products like yours.

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Mavenoid is accessible from any device, so you can give your customers immediate help wherever they are. To make it even easier, they can launch Mavenoid just by scanning a QR code. Scan it and try it out!

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Peek under the hood

Mavenoid guides users to fix product issues themselves, instead of just deflecting to generic articles or FAQs. It combines existing content, input from your support team, and AI. Here’s a sneak peek into Mavenoid’s brain, where knowledge about your products is accessed when someone asks for help.

See it from the agent’s side

Your support team responds to live support requests from the agent dashboard. They can help several users at the same time, collaborate on tricky cases, and get into advanced remote troubleshooting through video.

The powerful results of our A/B testing show that improving the way we offer troubleshooting to our consumers needs to continue to have a high priority. Mavenoid handles BSH’s internal complexity and quickly adapts to our global needs.


Sebastian Pfahler
Project Lead Contact Center Digitalization, BSH Home Appliances Group

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